Behind the Scenes

Our purpose is to connect our guests with the animals in our care in a respectful and mutually meaningful way.

Relationship-building with wildlife is imperative as human activities increasingly affect the welfare and survival of wild species. Safe and controlled up-close experiences and interactions have a profound and lasting impact, an experience that begins with awe and ends with empathy. To encourage eco-friendly behaviour and actions, we need you to feel personally invested- you need to genuinely care.

Animal Care

Advance booking required!

$100.00 per person. There is a minimum requirement of 2 people and a maximum of 4 per session, though special arrangements can be made. For minors under 18 years of age, accompanied by a participating adult, there is a 50% discount! Some age restrictions do apply with certain animals.

Guests are welcome to take pictures, but videos are not permitted.


Enjoy time with our professional staff, as they introduce you to three animals in their care. Includes all-day admission into the park. Please note, the minimum age to feed the large predators is 10. Experiences may vary, as all animals have the freedom of choice to participate.
Program length is approximately 45-60 minutes.

There are a variety of animals and interactions available, from socializing with lemurs, to feeding one of our large tigers! A truly unforgettable experience for those that love animals or have an interest in wildlife care and conservation.

Safari Zoo CampA wildlife adventure!

An exciting education program, which specializes in hands-on learning experiences with wildlife. This unique residential summer cam for participants 6 to 17 years old, allows them to work alongside professional animal care staff. Responsibilities include feeding, watering, cleaning and behavioural enrichment projects!

Virtual Presentations

Join us on a virtual wildlife adventure!

Learn about some of your favourite animals up-close from the comfort of your home or classroom on Zoom!

A great resource for parents & teachers!

  • Listen to our staff explain their work and fascinating animal behaviours while watching a pre-recorded video.
  • Watch a LIVE presentation with a special animal.
  • Enjoy and engage in a question and answer period.

Bed & Breakfast

We welcome you to one of Canada's most unique Bed & Breakfast inns, both a relaxing escape and an exciting getaway! After the park closes to the public, it is all yours to explore... fall asleep to the roar of the lions and howling of the wolves! All rooms include a complimentary bottle of wine, breakfast (self-serving) and wireless high-speed internet access. Enjoy free admission into the zoo for the duration of your stay.

For something truly extraordinary, join our Animal Care staff for a Behind the Scenes experience, a magical opportunity to meet some of the animals. The photos are a wonderful memento of your stay! Special guest rate: 20% discount per person!

A stay toremember!


Our largest suite with a balcony overlooking the entire park, with a spacious living room and a complete kitchen. The bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. A sofa bed and additional cots are available to comfortably accomodate up to six people.

Oct. 1 - Apr. 30: $250.00 per night/2 people. $45.00 fee for each additional person.

May 1 - Sept. 30: $300.00 per night/2 people. $45.00 fee for each additional person.


A quaint apartment with a balcony that overlooks the lion habitat, with one bedroom, living room, full kitchen & bathroom. Two futons are available to comfortably accomodate up to six people.

Oct. 1 - Apr. 30: $200.00 per night/2 people. $45.00 fee for each additional person.

May 1 - Sept. 30: $250.00 per night/2 people. $45.00 fee for each additional person.


A cozy ground floor suite designed for accessibility. The room has a comfortable queen size bed, with a complete kitchen and bathroom. For two people only.

Oct. 1 - Apr. 30: $175.00 per night/2 people

May 1 - Sept. 30: $200.00 per night/2 people.

Night Safari

Due to COVID-19, this program is not available until further notice.

An exciting overnight program for groups!

The program includes a wildlife presentation, guided evening tour of the zoo, bunkhouse lodging, supper (pizza and juice), a snack before bed and free admission into the park the following day!

Ideal for Guides and Scouts!

What a fun learning opportunity for kids, information that can help them meet certain badge requirements, such as for the Naturalist Challenge Badge and the Endangered Species Badge.

Only $75.00 per person!

A minimum of 20 people is required. Depending on suitability and space, smaller groups are welcome to join other Night Safari groups.

Guided Feeding Tour

Due to COVID-19, this program is not available until further notice.

Walk through the park with our Senior Animal Care staff as they feed some of the animals, sharing fascinating information about each!

It's Free!

1:30pm Daily!

The tour begins with the Transvaal Lions by the entrance, followed by the Amur Tigers, Jaguar, Striped Hyena, Snow Leopards, Cougars and Amur Leopard.

Please note, the animals being fed on the tour may vary to accommodate special dietary requirements, behaviour enrichment programs, etc.

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Transvaal Lion

Panthera leo krugeri

Amur Tiger

Panthera tigris altaica


Panthera onca

Striped Hyena

Hyaena hyaena

Snow Leopard

Panthera uncia


Puma concolor

Amur Leopard

Panthera pardus orientalis