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See • Experience • Learn

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Guided Feeding Tour

Join our Animal Care staff at 1:30pm each day!

Behind the Scenes

Connecting guests with our animals in a respectful and mutually meaningful way.

Night Safari

An exciting overnight program for groups!

Spend the Night

We welcome you to one of Canada's most unique lodging experiences!

Jungle Cafe

Food & Drinks

We offer fast food, snacks, drinks & indoor/outdoor picnic areas!

Menu options include: Beyond Meat, Beef & Chicken Burgers, Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese, Bagel w/ Cream Cheese & Popcorn.

Our Souvenirs

A great array of wildlife related items, such as clothing, art & toys!


Watch clips featuring the animals in our care and more!


Help us help them!

Connect & Review

Tag your photos & videos with #JungleCatWorld and share your wildlife experiences with your friends and our online community!

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3 month old baby timberwolf at #junglecatworld in Orono, Ontario!


Two beautiful things in this world. Children and animals. When they come together, it makes perfection.

Kimberly B.

He still my beeeeest friend #junglecatworld #cuties #samesamebutdifferent #bffl #donkey


Geronimo, a young cougar (Puma concolor) at Jungle Cat World, has some of the most captivating blue eyes you will ever see in an animal.


Sophie meet bunny. #7monthsold #babymeetbunny #babygirl #babybunny #sophie #cutebaby #chunkybaby #junglecatworld