Visit us for an incredible opportunity to view and enjoy wildlife from around the world

Since 1983, Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park has been offering visitors the unique opportunity to see and experience wild species, many threatened with extinction, in an up-close and personal environment. Professional staff are readily available and always eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Welcome!

Our Mission

Accredited zoo's worldwide have taken a leading role in helping protect, restore and conserve the many plants and animals we share this planet with.

We aspire to protect and conserve the natural world by offering the public engaging wildlife education programs and experiences with animals to help foster the necessary awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence to live in an environmentally responsible way.

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Work at the Zoo

Each summer, children, teens and adults from around the world take part in the Safari Zoo Camp experience. We offer participants the unique privilege to learn about nature through hands-on experiences, helping develop awareness and concern for endangered wildlife and habitats. This fun and interactive approach to environmental education encourages campers to build the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to live in harmony with nature.

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Meet the Animals

Imagine walking beside a young Tiger, petting a Wolf or feeding grapes to a Ring-tailed Lemur? All these opportunities and more are available through our Behind the Scenes program!

Safe and controlled interaction with animals in the zoo is an effective educational tool to encourage public awareness, understanding and concern for wildlife. The animals themselves have been socialized since birth and enjoy all the personal attention!

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Gift Cards

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