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Help us care for the animals!

Founded in 1995, Safari Zoo Camp is an exciting and unique experiential education program, which specializes in hands-on learning experiences with wildlife. The only residential summer camp of its kind in the world, participants work alongside professional zoo keeping staff to care for a variety of animals. This helps develop awareness and concern for endangered wildlife and habitats.

What an experience! Campers come to live at the zoo working hard as zookeepers to ensure the comfort and well-being of the animals. The curriculum and duties are not watered-down. This is the real thing! They do everything from watering and feeding to cleaning cages and behavioural enrichment projects.

Campers are also given the opportunity to share their knowledge and passion for wildlife by taking part in community Outreach Presentations and zoo Feeding Tours. Through these programs our campers encourage the public to be environmentally conscientious and responsible.

Campers also take part in scheduled outdoor excursions, such as hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, caving and tree climbing. This allows us to link the animals in the zoo to wild habitats that they call home. We also work to protect wild spaces by taking part in various Earth stewardship projects. Activities such as shoreline clean-up's are often challenging and exhausting, but immensely rewarding... and necessary!

Safari Zoo Camp is ideal for youths that hope to pursue a career in animal care, welfare and/or conservation... or simply for those that love animals and the outdoors. This fun and interactive approach to environmental education encourages participants to build the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to pursue their ambitions. Join us on a WILDLIFE ADVENTURE!

There's absolutely no way I could chose a specific memory as my favourite, because I've had enough wonderful moments and experiences at that camp to last me a lifetime. I've learned so much about not only the brilliant and beautiful animals at Jungle Cat World, but about what kind of person I want to be...

Paige Schneider

Safari Zoo Camp

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Work as a Zookeeper!
ZookeepingThis is the only program of its kind that allows youths to help professional Animal Care staff care for wildlife. Duties include cleaning, watering, feeding, behavioural enrichment projects and doing wildlife presentations for the public.


Explore the outdoors!
Safari Zoo Camp encourages campers to explore the natural world, through exciting activities such as caving, mountain biking and wilderness survival.

Zoo Camp community

Join the Safari Zoo Camp family!
Though the program only runs during the summer months, Safari Zoo Camp participants and staff remain close and active year-round. For many, Zoo Camp is their home away from home, a community of like-minded people that respect and support one another.