The Animals

An opportunity to view and enjoy wildlife from around the world!

Below is a list of animals you can expect to see at Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park, with links to detailed information. You can also view our interactive map of the zoo. If you have any further questions about a species or an individual, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Reptiles and Amphibians
* Off public display. Used for wildlife education programs.

We also took amazing pictures of all the animals, and had a much more in-depth experience by following the feeding tour. All of the staff at Jungle Cat World were friendly and knowledgeable. I've felt guilty in the past visiting other zoos when you can tell that the animals are unhappy or uncomfortable. This is NOT the case at Jungle Cat World.

Excerpt from TripAdvisor

Total number of species
Lionsat the zoo: 60

  • 31 mammals
  • 12 birds
  • 11 reptiles
  • 0 amphibians
  • 7 invertebrates

Total number of individuals
(specimens) at the zoo: 178
Amur leopard

  • 93 mammals
  • 43 birds
  • 24 reptiles
  • 0 amphibians
  • 16 invertebrates


The Endangered Species Fund of Canada (ESFC) is a registered charity (#89032 5640 RR0001), which gives financial assistance to Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park to support their environmental education and wildlife conservation initiatives.